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Why You Should Build a Garden Decking in Your Backyard.

Garden decking is becoming more and more popular in houses, due to the undoubtable aesthetic that it adds to your home. Whether you are into gardening or not, a deck can act and function on its own. If you have a garden, you can use it as an extension of your guests’ entertainment area, where you can sit down with them and talk about your lovely plants. If gardening is not for you, you can still use it as an outdoor area where you and your friends can lounge, host BBQs, or share a few drinks as well.


If you are thinking of installing one in your home, here are three reasons to convince you to finally build that garden decking in your backyard: 


It acts as an extension of your home


Building a hardwood decking in your backyard gives more space for other activities or needs in your home. No matter what design or style you make, it would be versatile enough to cater to any outdoor activities. Your garden deck can be an:


  • Outdoor play area for your children

  • Outdoor early morning or late afternoon lounge area

  • Outdoor entertainment area for guests

  • Outdoor party staging venue


It is also built sturdy enough to withstand harmful outdoor elements, such as changing weather. You can also install one around water features such as ponds and pools, and even under pergolas.


Add inviting and appealing decor, such as fairy lights to draw your guests in at night. With its open space and sturdy flooring, this can be a perfect place for late-night BBQs with your friends and family. For sure, a garden decking will become an integral part of your lifestyle once you have it.


It blends well with the natural surroundings


If you have a beautiful, massive garden in your backyard, adding a hardwood decking will make it more cozy and peaceful. Decking is usually made of natural timber, which can seamlessly blend in with its surroundings. It also complements the beauty and rawness of natural elements that you have in your backyard.


Unlike concrete and paving, the wooden deck has a subtler and softer impact, which feels more light and is relaxing to the eyes. Its natural appeal and texture will look stylish with any furniture that you place on it.


To give it more personality or a distinct aesthetic, you should also design it according to your taste. You can stain it for a cozier and homey vibe, or you can get crazy with it and paint it with the same colours as your outdoor furniture. No matter what you do with your decking, you and your guests will surely fall in love with such an open, cozy space.


It adds aesthetic and monetary value to your home


Most homeowners build hardwood decking in their backyard for leisure and aesthetic purposes. There is no doubt that it adds aesthetic value to your property. What most people do not know is that it increases the monetary value of their property as well.


Building a garden decking in your backyard is inexpensive compared to other home renovation projects, yet it is one of the areas in your home that leverages its value. According to some experts, in real estate listings, building a garden deck adds more value to your home than a renovating bathroom or living area. Additionally, homebuyers today look for houses that have decks already installed on it.




There are many things you can do with your garden decking. If you have kids, you can turn it into their outdoor play area. You can also use it as a lounging area for you and your friends when they come over to your house. More than its aesthetic, garden decking is cost-effective, as it can add monetary value to your property.


If you want to install hardwood decking in your home, get in touch with us today! We only use the best and most high-quality garden decking boards in Surrey, and so clients can ensure quality service and the best outcomes.


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