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Our Guide on How to Plan for the Perfect Outdoor Space

Planning out the perfect garden patio takes a bit of time. The prospect of having an outdoor place to lounge, host guests, or admire your gardening is certainly attractive; however, you must consider things like space constraints, budget, and manufacturers and contractors willing to take the project. If you are looking for ways you can breathe new life into your outdoor living areas, here are a few tips to get you started.


1. Have a sketch of what it looks like

You don’t build a house without a blueprint, and you cannot make a patio without drawing your specifications. Even the most basic diagrams will give your garden design service professionals an idea of how to proceed. Have your objectives ready as well; are you sprucing the place up for your use, or do you want to increase your home’s resale value?

Knowing why you’re renovating will drive your budget. When you have an idea of what you want and why you’re embarking on the project, you can also be prepared for materials and items that you need to purchase. A budget also reminds you and your contractor of what you are capable of doing at the moment.


2. Plan for zones on your patio

You do not need to have a single flat space covered in decking boards and dotted with flowerpots and chairs. Make your patio visually interesting by creating split levels. Zoning your garden with paving circles, grass, walls, and other materials will also make for a more productive outdoor space. Have at least two areas; one for gardening, another for relaxing. If you have the space for it, include spaces for entertainment and for play.

Planning for zones also means thinking of where to put them in relation to the elements. Where is the sun at certain hours of the day? Will this affect the plants you want to grow? Will the sun be in your face during the hours you want to relax? Furthermore, you should think about the privacy of your garden. You would want your guests or family to enjoy this space without feeling awkward or uncomfortable.


3. Consider the practicalities

Make sure you have the right size of furniture for your space. Measure everything carefully; things can seem smaller in a showroom, and you don’t want to end up with an unwieldy piece you cannot fully enjoy. Leave room around pieces so people can walk comfortably. 


Your patio paving designs should also leave room for the necessary groundwork for plumbing and drainage. Have a professional cover this for you; they will know the building regulations in your area and can create provisions for access, rainwater, tree roots, and other incidentals.


4. Choose a coherent style

Think of how your patio would look when viewed together with the rest of your house. Your design should complement the home and should be a reflection of your aesthetic. Modern homes would need more streamlined, solid paving, while vintage houses look good with brick and other traditional materials. Lately, garden design has trended towards an industrial look. Today’s setups favour silver and grey, with porcelain and concrete as the materials of choice.



When coming up with a design for your patio, you should know what you will use it for, as well as the mood and theme you want to convey. Planning carefully will let you create a beautiful space for your family, or for the next family to enjoy your home.

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