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Landscape Gardening Surrey
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Your patio is an area where you and your family can gather for drinks or an outdoor barbecue, much like a second living room. While it may not be indoors, it also deserves the careful planning that goes into creating a good structure and design. Patio flooring is something that can’t be overlooked. If anything, it’ll need to be prioritised in order to help your outdoor area withstand sudden changes in weather and other environmental factors. If you’re beginning to look at patio paving designs, take a look at the following materials in order to decide which one best suits your home. 




One of the oldest building materials to consider, brick is sturdy and durable and can provide your patio with longevity. Unbeknownst to many homeowners, bricks don’t only come in one shape and a single hue of red. They can be formed in a variety of patterns, which can give your patio a distinctive look. Reclaimed bricks can add age and interest to your patio design, whereas a basket weave pattern creates an intricate visual appeal. 




A popular material for both patios and walkways, pavers are now available in many more different colours and textures than they once were. They can be used to mimic the look of bricks, cobblestone, or tiles, and make an excellent alternative to solid concrete. Pavers can interlock without the need for grout or mortar, which makes the material more affordable. 




Made with water, sand, cement, and gravel, the most versatile building material to consider is concrete. They’re a durable surface that is easy to maintain and can be formed into custom shapes and sizes. To add colour, simply stain or dye the concrete. You can add rough particles to the finished product in order to create a slip-proof surface or even incorporate coloured stones and tiles to create accents. 




Made from flat slabs of stone cut into irregular shapes and sizes, flagstone is produced by splitting layers of rock. It can be manufactured with limestone, sandstone, quartz, and bluestone. Where it’s extracted can determine its size and colour. Cooler areas, for example, will produce blue and grey flagstone, whereas warmer areas will produce red and brown colours. 


To withstand weight and stress, flagstone must be at least 1.5 inches thick if combined with a mixture of concrete, mulch, or even plantings. 




If you’re using tile to build your patio floor, unglazed ceramic makes for a good option. Made from porcelain, terracotta, or quarry, ceramic tiles are less slippery than glazed tiles with a smooth finish. For better foot traction, pick a quarry tile. For a tough tile that is stain resistant, pick porcelain. If you live in an area with milder climates, pick terracotta. 


If your backyard has a pool, check a tile’s slip resistance. You wouldn’t want, for example, to adorn your patio with marble if this area gets wet often. Consider matching your outdoor tiles with your indoor tiles to create a smoother transition from your patio to your living room. 




What material you use to build your patio floor can determine how long it will last or how soon it will need a repair. For expert landscaping services, ring us up at Branching Out Landscapes. We perform all kinds of decking using your unique designs. 


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