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Benefits of Artificial Landscaping for Families With Children

If your neighbours have manicured grass year in and year out, there are two possibilities. The first is that they are or have a really good gardener. The second is that they have artificial grass. This is a natural choice for people who want a low maintenance lawn that will look good in all sorts of weather. Many people also choose this type of landscaping when they have pets, or when they don’t want to deal with the hassles of gardening as the seasons change. 


If you have children, artificial turf is also a great way to dress up your lawn, especially if you are not particularly fond of gardening or maintaining landscaping. Artificial grass has many benefits for families with children, and here are just a few of those.


1. It is safe for kids


Synthetic grass that had been installed by a professional will not fold or develop holes and cracks. The surface will be kept constant, which you will not see on a natural lawn; a yard with natural grass will always have an irregular, bumpy surface. 


These breaks in the surface can be a hazard for children. A running child can trip on a bump or slide his foot into a hole by accident, causing them to twist their ankle.


With synthetic grass turfing, the risk of this happening is minimized. The infill used in keeping the grass upright breaks the momentum of a moving object and cushions the impact. If you install it specifically for your children, you can even request grass that is especially for play areas. These have a foam underlayer that absorbs the impact of falls from up to ten feet high.


2. It prevents allergic reactions


Seasonal allergies or allergies to grass can prevent your child from going outside and enjoying the weather. Pollen is a natural byproduct of plants, and it triggers allergic reactions severe enough to keep a person bedridden for days with a runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, and an outbreak of hives. 


The polyethene plastic that this grass is made of won’t produce pollen, making it safe for households with kids allergic to grass. Any pollen that can end up on the turf from trees or nearby plants can easily be washed off with water.


What’s more, this type of grass does not catch diseases and will not need to be fertilized or treated, which means your kids will have no contact with harmful chemicals. Polyethene is also mould and mildew-resistant, which are also sources of allergic reactions.


3. It is easy to clean and maintain


This type of grass needs only occasional cleaning and rinsing. It must be cross-brushed or swept against the grain, to remove dirt that is trapped between blades of grass. It is also advisable to loosen the infill, which should not take more than a few minutes. This ease of maintenance will let you convince your children to help you in cleaning the yard.


4. It Can Integrate Fun Activities


Synthetic turf can integrate various features like putting greens, in-ground trampolines or sports fields. For the more laidback type of family, synthetic turf is the perfect setting for a picnic or an afternoon of outdoor art projects. You and your kids will definitely have hours of fun outside trying out activities together.




Artificial turf is a convenient solution for home decorating. If you want a well-kept lawn but do not have the time and inclination to take up gardening, you can have this kind of grass installed for hours of family fun.


If you are looking for artificial grass installation in Surrey, we’re the ones to call - we are a landscaping services company ready and can help you dream up your perfect backyard today!


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