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7 Advantages of Using Turf Over Natural Grass In Your Lawn

Turfgrass is widely used in sports fields because it is easier to maintain and comes with other benefits. The material is more durable compared to natural grass, allowing it to stand up to the rigorous demands of stadiums and sports arenas.


This same durability is one of the reasons that property owners are now adopting turf into their own homes. It is a superior choice in several ways, and we’ll take a closer look at exactly why by highlighting it’s specific advantages. 


1. Little To No Maintenance Required


Unlike natural grass, turf requires little to no maintenance at all. It doesn’t need you to take out the lawnmower every week to maintain its beauty. When leaves fall on them, all you have to do is sweep them off. In fact, the only maintenance that you can do is to replace brown patches when it gets burnt from the harmful UV rays of the sun due to the light bouncing off your window or when you accidentally burn the turf. 


2. It’s Greener


Natural grass isn’t always green, and seasonal changes can turn your grass brown, especially if you live in an area where you experience drought frequently. With turf, you don’t need to worry about brown or dead grass. Regardless of the weather, it will maintain its colour all-year-round. 


3. Eco-Friendly


There are now plenty of ways to be kinder to Mother Nature, and one of them is using artificial grass. Since this type of grass doesn’t require maintenance from electric-powered equipment, you get to be kinder to the environment. As mentioned, you only need to sweep the dirt off of it. Additionally, it doesn’t require any toxic chemicals for growth or for protection. Just leave it be and it will flourish on its own. 


4. Cost-Effective


The maintenance costs of natural grass could get costly. With synthetic grass, you don’t need to set aside a budget for fertilizers, mowing, sod, and water. That way, you get to save more money and at the same time, keep your lawn looking beautiful. 


5. It Increases Your Home Value


When you buy a house, the lawn is one of the most important features you look into. If you see withering grass, it can affect the overall value of the home. The same thing applies when you’re selling your house. With turf, you don’t have to worry about it affecting the value of your property negatively since it stays green all-year-round.


6. Reduced Noise and Glare


Did you know that turfgrass can reduce noise and glare? Due to its surface characteristics, it can absorb noise and glare more effectively than natural grass. 


7. Safety 


If you have kids at home, you can have them rolling in the grass without worrying about mud, rocks, and insects that can cause them harm. Moreover, it can boost recreational activities at home, which can be beneficial for mental and physical health. 




The advantages of turf outweigh the benefits of natural grass. These benefits make turf even more desirable for property owners these days. If you want to get a beautiful lawn, using turf is one of the ways that can make it appealing all-year-long and with minimal effort! 


Create a more beautiful and safer outdoor area in your home by using turf. Get quality artificial grass here at Branching Out Landscapes. Contact us today. 


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